Uncovering the secret behind Donia Samir Ghanem’s request, she asked her father to pray hours before his departure… and you won’t believe how he responded to his daughter!!

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We always look for the other side of Samir Ghanem, who most believe that his private life was similar to what we see on screens, so was Fatouta, the reckless, laughing comedian, the same as Father Samir Ghanem?

Samir Ghanem’s life was not as crazy as the characters he embodied throughout his life in his artwork, and we all laughed, so he followed his own style in his private life.

Mostly, rumors circulated around him that he was a non-committal man who did not like stability, tended to a serene life, and did not prefer responsibility, but the truth was otherwise.

In a rare meeting with his two daughters, Donia and Amy, in their teenage years, Donia revealed that her father deals with them decisively and sternly and does not leave them absolute freedom.

Donia said that her father combines flexibility and commitment at the same time, explaining: Papa asks about every need and knows all our friends, and he must know where and with whom, where and how, and he prefers to follow us, and determines when we return home, but at the same time he hears us and understands us.

For his part, the late artist pointed out in another meeting that his relationship with his two daughters is strong, as he is keen to be their companion, as he is a father who is not strict, and is keen to guide only and inform them of what is wrong and what is right so that they do not feel that there is a watchdog over them.

Samir Ghanem said in a television interview with Safaa Abu Al-Saud, “I was once tired, and I asked him, Baba, I prayed, and I told her, ‘I did not pray yesterday,’ so she exposed me and spoke to her owners.”

About his position on his wife’s veil, he said that he did not mind if his daughter asked to wear the veil if she was convinced of this and he would not oppose her, indicating that his wife wanted to veil and retire after the death of the artist Madiha Kamel.

The artist Dina indicated that he joked with her at the time and said to her, “Tell me to marry another one now, so that she can work with me and help me.”

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