Understanding Tonsillitis: Viral vs Bacterial and the Importance of Testing

2023-11-06 00:00:00

There are 2 types of tonsillitis: tonsillitis of viral origin due to a virus, and bacterial tonsillitis due to bacteria.

Viral tonsillitis are the most common and do not require taking antibiotics. Bacterial tonsillitis, which can be caused by bacteria such as group A streptococcus, on the other hand, requires antibiotic treatment.

The process of carrying out the test has been simplified and the pharmacist can now carry it out directly in a pharmacy on a patient, without a prescription:
– in children aged 10 and over;
– in adults when the symptoms presented by the person justify carrying it out.

The Trod angina test consists of a painless sample taken in a few minutes from the tonsils with a swab:
– if the test is positive: the angina is due to group A streptococcus bacteria and treatment with antibiotics is necessary. The pharmacist directs you to your doctor so that he can issue the prescription.
– if the test is negative: it is viral angina which does not require treatment with antibiotics.

To know : have you ever seen a doctor but he was unable to perform the test during the consultation? In this case, he can give you a “conditional” prescription: if you carry out the test in the pharmacy and it turns out to be positive, you will be able to obtain the antibiotic treatment directly thanks to this prescription.

To note : carrying out the test in a pharmacy costs between €6 and €7. Its coverage by Health Insurance is 70% (the remaining 30% is covered by your complementary health insurance).


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