Unexpectedly: Urgant declassified his real name

The 44-year-old TV presenter stunned the people with news from his personal life. It turns out that he is not Ivan at all, as everyone thought.

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The showman has a middle name. He announced this at the opening of the Abrau-Durso wine business in Azerbaijan. He revealed the family secret publicly.

According to Ivan, his father loves Abrau-Durso very much, and until the age of four he generally called him Agdam – in honor of cheap fortified wine from the USSR, writes the VPSh Telegram channel. Of course, it was a joke, and the people appreciated it.

Note that Ivan Urgant has not been in contact with fans for many months and has not appeared on Channel One. With his disappearance, the artist gave rise to rumors and gossip. It was rumored that he emigrated to Israel or the United States. But these speculations were previously dispelled by his colleague Alla Mikheeva.

The blonde said that the TV presenter was not going to leave Russia at all and went only on vacation. Now Ivan Urgant is also allegedly not sitting idle.

According to her, the showman is in Moscow, goes to Ostankino to work. “We are creative together, developing new projects. Now our studio is filming the Dreamallion program hosted by Mitya Khrustalev, ”Mikheeva shared.

Note that the adopted daughter of Urgant Eric lives in the USA. She was born by Natalya Kiknadze. The girl loves to provoke the audience with outrageous images and behavior. The public has long discussed her affair with a black guy named Musa. Parents accepted the choice of the heiress, but after a while the couple fled. Recently Erica shocked netizens with a fresh snapshot.

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