Unjustly Ignored: Boris Mikhailov, Alexander Maltsev, Alexander Mogilny, and Sergey Gonchar’s Journey to the NHL Hall of Fame

2023-06-22 22:00:54

Boris Mikhailov, Alexander Maltsev, Alexander Mogilny and Sergey Gonchar claimed to be included in the NHL Hall of Fame.

“There, respected people gather in the council. It was one of ours, Igor Larionov, in my opinion. But I don’t think that there is pure politics there, otherwise the guys wouldn’t play in the NHL now, although a lot of things are unclear there … Mogilny, I think, is the only one who didn’t enter there from those who won the Stanley Cup, the Olympic Games and the championship world, and somehow scored 76 goals in the NHL in a season. I believe that he has long deserved to be in this Hall and I do not know why he was ignored.

Firstly, the recommendation plays a role, and secondly, 75% of the votes must be collected there. In addition, every year it becomes more and more difficult to get there, someone was underselected and more and more heroes accumulate. And the old ones are forgotten.

What does membership in the Hall of Fame give? Gives nothing. But the museum itself is huge. There are various artifacts, there is a history of hockey in faces, goals are constantly played, there is a large merchandise store, a hall where a ceremony is held for a thousand people, probably. It’s a serious matter there. I hope that someday we will have a normal museum of sports or hockey … ”KP Fetisov quotes the words.

Now the Hockey Hall of Fame includes nine Russians: Anatoly Tarasov (1974 – the year of inclusion), Vladislav Tretyak (1989), Vyacheslav Fetisov (2001), Valery Kharlamov (2005), Igor Larionov (2008), Pavel Bure (2012), Sergey Fedorov (2015), Sergey Makarov (2016) and Sergey Zubov (2019).

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