Unlock the Best Way to Play Bethesda’s Starfield with Xbox Game Pass: More Cost-Effective and Free Trial Options

2023-09-05 12:02:51

Bethesda’s masterpiece Starfield is finally on the market, but the original price of this game is 1990 yuan, which is not cheap. In addition to the mixed initial reviews, you may still be hesitating whether to start. In fact, there is a better way to play this game, that is to use Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass (XGP) service, more precisely, PC Game Pass to play will be more cost-effective. As long as the monthly subscription is 199 yuan, you can eat and play for a month, and not only Xingkong, but also various masterpieces such as EA and Ubisoft can be played. If you think this is still too expensive, there is another way to play for free for 14 days, that is to find a friend who has subscribed to XGP, ask him for a 14-day experience code, and you can play Starry Sky and many other PC Game Pass games for free. The game is also enough for you to play the starry sky for a long time. Short-term early adopters Find a friend to get a 14-day trial is the most cost-effective These years, the price of games is getting higher and higher. If it is a game that you are not sure whether you like it or not, it is even more hesitant to buy it. The price of 1,990 yuan for the Starry Sky standard version is not cheap, but since it was launched on PC Game Pass on the first day, many people will choose 199 yuan to play for 1 month, which is also a good deal. If you don’t even want to spend 199 yuan, there is another way, that is to find a friend who subscribes to XGP, and get a 14-day trial qualification with him. The trial membership can also play the full starry sky. Every XGP player has 5 14-day trial quotas, anyway, it won’t add value anyway, so use it to push your friends. Xbox Game Pass: Official website ▲Starry Sky Standard Edition is priced at 1,990 yuan, which is not cheap, but there are cheaper ways to play. ▲As long as you pack the PC Game Pass, you can directly play Starry Sky for 1 month. Of course, there are many additional games added. If you just want to play with the trend, this method is more cost-effective. ▲If you have a friend who has already subscribed to XGP, you can ask him to provide a PC Game Pass trial account. ▲Each account can apply for 5 trial quotas, and each trial can be played for 14 days, which is quite good. Further reading:

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