Unraveling the 21-Year Mystery: The Nantong Homicide Case with a Twisted Suicide Illusion

2023-08-17 08:12:30

A homicide occurred in a house in Nantong, Jiangsu, China 21 years ago. The murderer left a suicide note after committing the crime to create the illusion of committing suicide. (Picture / flip from Weibo)

Justice will be late, but never absent! A homicide occurred in a house in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, China 21 years ago. The murderer left a suicide note by the Yangtze River after committing the crime. The police could not find other clues, but they did not find the body. However, after unremitting pursuit by the police, the suspect was finally arrested.

The incident happened on the night of May 22, 2002. A homicide case was reported at a private house in Qinzao Street, Nantong City. The police immediately set up a special case team to investigate the case and found that Deng Nan was a major suspect. It was found that the person had absconded.

The special case team kept hunting for the culprits, not letting go of any clues, but Deng Nan seemed to have disappeared. Later, Deng Nan’s suicide note, driver’s license and driving license were found by the Yangtze River. In addition to being sorry for his parents, wife and children, the suicide note also mentioned “doing This is something that no one can forgive”, so the police speculated that Deng Nan might have committed suicide by throwing himself into the river. It’s just that apart from the suicide note, there were no other clues at the scene, and the body was never found, so it was impossible to confirm whether he committed suicide.

The police found the murderer’s suicide note by the river, but did not find the body. (Picture / flip from Weibo)

The police did not give up on the hunt for the murderer, and 20 years later, in July 2022, the police found clues that suspected Deng Nan, and immediately followed the clues to conduct further investigations. A man named “Wang Jian” was confirmed to be Deng Nan after comparison. On August 27 of the same year, he was arrested and brought to justice, and the murder case was finally announced and solved.

After interrogation, Deng Nan confessed to the crime of intentional homicide. In order to avoid the police’s pursuit, he faked the illusion of fear of crime and committed suicide, and then lived incognito as “Wang Jian”. At present, the Nantong Intermediate People’s Court has made a judgment of the first instance on this case.

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