Up to 842,000 saw the sixth “Dancing Stars” live show on ORF 1

Omar Khir Alanam and Kati Kallus retired on April 14th

Vienna (OTS) Hardly returned to the ballroom after the Easter break when one of the “Dancing Stars” couples danced it out again: Up to 842,000 viewers were there on Friday, April 14, 2023, live from 8:15 p.m. on ORF 1 there when Omar Khir Alanam and Kati Kallus had to leave the ORF dance event. The “Presentation of the Dances” at 8:15 p.m. was watched by an average of 717,000 with a market share of 26 percent. An average of 693,000 people with a market share of 31 percent did not want to miss “The Decision” from 10:20 p.m. Young people are also still very interested. The show achieved 21 percent market share among 12 to 29 year olds and 29 percent among 12 to 49 year olds.

Omar Khir Alanam and Kati Kallus eliminated in sixth Dancing Stars show

Omar Khir Alanam: “’Dancing Stars’ was very intense and I learned a lot. I also got to know a wonderful person who I believe and hope will be friends for a long time. I wasn’t doing so well this week and when I saw our clip on the show I was full of that emotion again. I think that has been noticed. I plan to travel when the point comes where I’m kicked out of the show – one week alone and one week with my son. Then I’ll get back to normal.”

On Friday, April 21, the following couples will be in the seventh “Dancing Stars” show live at 8:15 p.m. on ORF 1: Eveline Eselböck & Peter Erlbeck, Lucas Fendrich & Lenka Pohoralek, Corinna Kamper & Danilo Campisi, Lilian Klebow & Florian Gschaider, Missy May & Dimitar Stefanin as well as Alexander Pointner & Manuela Stöckl.

“Dancing Stars” online and in ORF TELETEXT

Exciting stories, exclusive interviews and backstage information, the best photos and the “Ballroom Talk” with social media postings (#dancingstars23), which becomes a live ticker and entertaining program accompanying the show every Friday evening – that’s what dancingstars.ORF offers .at. A comprehensive streaming package with live streams and videos-on-demand of all shows will also be put together on the website and the video platform ORF-TVthek. The “Dancing Stars” Facebook page also provides news, presents snippets and snapshots and is the ideal forum for postings/comments and likes. The show is also followed on the Facebook and Instagram channels of ORF and ORF 1. The ORF TELETEXT offers a quick overview of what is happening in the magazines “Kultur und Show” and “Leute” and on its program pages. Anyone who wants to cook the favorite recipes of the “Dancing Stars” can find them on ORF extra (extra.ORF.at).

“Dancing Stars” on the ORF – barrier-free for the visually and hearing impaired audience

As with the previous seasons, the “Dancing Stars” 2023 will also be broadcast fully barrier-free on ORF 1: For blind and visually impaired people, all episodes are available in an audio version on the second audio track. The emotions in the ballroom can be experienced live by a dedicated commentator, including for people with visual impairments. Juliana Kühberger, Sandra Spick, Sebastian Aster, Gregor Waltl and Johannes Karner accompany their audience from the premiere to the finale with their special live commentary. The task of the audio commentators is to transport everything that remains hidden from their audience through acoustic image descriptions: such as the appearance of the costumes and the choreography of the dances, gestures, facial expressions and show effects. The audio commentaries spoken live can be heard by switching to the second sound channel on the remote control and on the ORF TV library. In addition, live subtitles are available for deaf and hearing-impaired viewers in ORF TELETEXT on page 777 and on the ORF-TVthek. The barrier-free programs can be accessed seven days a week as video-on-demand on the ORF-TVthek.

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