Update! “Daryl Young” imprisoned for FOREX-3D case “Sara Casingini” encouragement

Update! Detained “Daryl Young”, accused of FOREX-3D case after the police arrested this Singaporean, his girlfriend Sara Casingini, along with her support – Special Case Investigator objection to bail

There is a report from the Phuket Immigration Office. that now can arrest Singaporeans Daryl Young or Daryl Young, the accused in the casePonzi scheme FOREX-3D and boyfriend of Sara Casingini

We are currently on our way to Phuket. In the next step, DSI officials have been sent Will travel to pick up for interrogation

Progress on tracking important suspects in the case Forex-3 D Lt. Col. Yuttana Praedum, Deputy Director-General of the DSI, reveals the main accused, Daryl Young. Mr. DARYL YONGGYUI CAI The accused under the arrest warrant of the Criminal Court in a special case No. 273/2565 Received a report from Police Capt. Wissanu Chimtrakul, director of the Financial Informal Business Case Division, that the Phuket Immigration Office Coordinate informing that Mr. Daryl Young can be arrested at Phuket airport. last morning

We are currently bringing the accused along with his girlfriend. “Sara Casingini” came to investigate at the Financial Business Litigation Division DSI As for the girlfriend, will there be a part in helping to escape or give shelter or not? must be brought in for further questioning.

After interrogation, the accused must be fingerprinted. ready to bring him to the courtdetention And it is the right of the accused to submit bail, but the special investigation officer willobjection to bailafraid to escape

“Daryl Young” is between the immigration officials, supervising the transport to the Financial Business Case Division.

from the case of arrest by investigative officers Immigration arrests Daryl Young, a key suspect in Forex-3D Sharing Case According to the arrest warrant of the Criminal Court No. 2412/2565 during check-in with Scoot Airline, flight TR659 Phuket-Singapore. At Phuket International Airport, where the APPS system of the Immigration Office Can alert people with arrest warrants They jointly detained the passengers in the departure hall. Examine the flaws that match the appearance according to the arrest warrant. and the accused admitted that he had never been arrested under the said warrant

However, they are now detained at the Phuket Immigration investigation room to make arrest records. Coordinate with the DSI, owner of the case and check baggage and other illegal things

The latest progress at 1:20 p.m. at the Financial Informal Business Litigation Division (Government Center, Building B, Floor 8) Pol. Lt. Col. Wissanu Chimtrakul, Director of the Financial Informal Business Case Division, revealed that the accused is now in the process of being detained by the Immigration officials and taken to the Division of Legal Affairs. In this regard, there must be an Immigration officer accompanying the accused, however, it is expected that the accused along with the Immigration officials will arrive at the informal financial business case division today. But must look at the fastest flight in order for the accused to arrive at Don Mueang Airport before being brought to the DSI.

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