Upgrade Your Audio Experience: Sony Soundbars and HT-A9 Wireless Speaker System now support VRR and ALLM!

2023-08-18 09:45:10

If you want to have the best audio and picture enjoyment when playing a computer, the system must of course support the latest technical specifications. Last week, Sony announced that it will upgrade its two Soundbars to support VRR and ALLM functions. The wireless speaker system HT-A9 launched in 2021 provides the same upgrade, benefiting everyone PS5 and Xbox Series X. VRR can avoid screen tearing and change its frame rate synchronously with the changing frame rate of any game, and ALLM allows the game host to communicate with compatible displays, whether playing games or playing movies, can be automatically enabled under appropriate circumstances Quickly correspond to game presets. Launched nearly 2 years ago, the HT-A9 Wireless Speaker System is still quite unique in the market. The system includes four wireless speakers with the same appearance and a host connected to the TV. Through excellent computing technology, even if the speakers are placed at different heights and asymmetrical places in the room, they can create an extraordinary stereo sound effect. eARC and HDMI pass-through connection, support 4K/60p, HDR video, Dolby Atmos sound effect, I believe it will be more attractive after adding VRR and ALLM in the future.
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