Uranium game!! | graffiti

The media hype about uranium and its enrichment by this or that country is a dangerous game whose aim is to unleash nuclear chaos in the regions, which the interests of the dominant countries in the world require its dissemination, in order to provide the necessary markets to revive the weapons manufacturing companies.
In the contemporary reality, countries can buy nuclear weapons, and there is no need for enrichment and operating the expensive reactors. There are international companies that sell these weapons, and some of them can build nuclear reactors in less than a year. The major powers have surpassed this destructive weapon, which has become primitive in their knowledge. You used it in World War II, so imagine what you have today.
A psychological reading of the prevailing behaviors in the media shows that those who dominate the capabilities of the Arab region seek to sow nuclear chaos in it, to be an arena for its upcoming wars, so that its people will be exterminated, its wealth will be isolated, and its people will become without a trace, and they have abandoned it and dissolved in the societies of others.
They want the state that operates the media to possess nuclear weapons, and they may have provided it with it or the means to produce it, and what they are proposing is clear deception, and a game on the minds of fools, and I think it will announce after a short time that it possesses it, but that its behavior indicates that it possesses nuclear weapons and not just a weapon.
What is required is that it qualifies with nuclear power and turns into a bogeyman, not into a power of omnipotence and harmony with its neighbors, but rather into a greedy predator that secures the interests of the greedy.
This will push some countries to pump their money into confrontations between nuclear and nuclear, and the earth will burn with those on it, and assets will be destroyed. This is what is required to get rid of the Arab presence, and eliminate the spirit of religion and its message to the worlds.
Some may be surprised at the proposition, but the behavioral facts confirm it, and the days will reveal the white thread from the black, and “the days will show you what you were ignorant of … and the news will come to you from those you did not supply”!!

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