Land, roof and work: the sacred rights

It is time for a positive contagion for inclusion and equality, now that the world returns to a certain normality.

After passing the confinement and feeling that the main value of life is health is when we must not forget that everything that divides, that generates inequity, produces violence, and that none of the armed forces will stop it. .

There are roads that build, that are bridges of brotherly love and social justice, it is there, as Pope Francis said, where the sacred rights that are land, roof and work are. The three Ts are fundamental for integral human development, together with an organized community.

We are producing and leaving documentary audiovisual testimony from the Encuentro channel together with the ULPE (Latin American University of the Peripheries) of a four-episode series that will air on the channel in the 2023 season. Nicolas Cuiñas also participates in its production and production. and Pablo Giles. The series will tell us about the development of diverse experiences on the 3 Ts. In the case of Earth, a group of families in Maipú, Colonia Ferrari, province of Buenos Aires, carry out an agroecological project that is already several years old, and we They show that by taking care of our common home, our land, we can feed ourselves, produce and work, developing the family and the community. Here the return to the countryside is the slogan and the peasant woman is the standard bearer.

The work can also be reorganized and in the province of Corrientes we will see the cooperatives as they were adding workers and workers, dignifying their work and getting rights. The roof is the basis for the development of the home, and we can see it in Villa Palito, La Matanza, province of Buenos Aires. The community was organized from its parish and it was possible to build the urbanization and integration of the neighborhood and thus dignified the lives of the families.

In everything there is the same denominator that is the organized community. In the province of Entre Ríos, Gualeguaychú, a group of neighbors meet to recover the excluded or broken (as people living on the streets and with addiction problems are called), the discarded and reintegrate them into the society, helping them with all their needs: addiction problems, documentation, justice, work and health. The homes of Christ operate there, recovery centers for people with addiction problems distributed in the most popular neighborhoods. They are the cornerstone for this inclusive community.

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The three Ts, land, roof and work, together with an organized community, are a bridge between the towns and the state, in front of the wall of money. The series will put fundamental peripheral projects for life at the center of the debate, and we say peripheral depending on where you look at it. For us, what is commonly called the periphery is the center, and these experiences of our people are the center and a reason to be made visible, as a tribute and recognition, so that the voices of each place can be heard, understood but, above all, they feel it, with the feeling that the emotion of being supportive and dignified in each place gives.

Let’s hope that together we can cultivate the land, guard it and do it in community, that there is no family without a dignified roof and no worker without rights, and that all communities include and recover those who are discarded or broken. May this new positive contagion last and multiply throughout the world. These communities are collective and essential beings, they work together for a dignified life and social well-being.

The series Being essential that airs on Public Television is part of this feeling and also of this look, the people and the essentials of the neighborhoods are still present and attentive to the lives of all.

It is time that the three Ts are essential in all of Argentina.

*Author/director of Being Essential and the Las 3T series

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