Urban Redevelopment Project: Henderson Hung Hom District in Hong Kong

2024-04-23 22:00:00

The Henderson Hung Hom district is the largest urban redevelopment project in Hong Kong in the past 30 years. It has a land lease of 999. The project is being developed in three phases. The first phase of Baker Circle One, Xihui district, has started to unfold. ownership of buildings. This time, “Expert Brick Inspection” and senior building inspector Zhong Zhigang (Sir Chung) inspected a high-rise one-bedroom unit. As the first batch of units to be accepted, the quality of the units is of concern. When Sir Chung was inspecting the floor tiles, he heard a divining sound on each tile and discovered that there was a gift in the floor! Additionally, Sir Chung was picky about the unit’s design, thinking it would cause homeowners headaches when cleaning in the future.

Extreme convenience in urban areas has become a target for students seeking rent

The advantage of being convenient in the urban area is a major selling point of Bijiafen. According to the reporter’s actual measurements, the property is about a 6-minute walk from Hung Hom Station. at the MTR, there are many bus lines nearby. It is very convenient to move around different districts, whether crossing the sea or entering and leaving the new territories of Kowloon.

Additionally, every June, a large number of mainland students come to Hong Kong to look for rental properties at nearby universities, triggering a rental rush. Since the building is close to the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and just two stops from the City University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Baptist University, many mainland students have been keen to rent such small units with large scale and convenient location. that it will become a target for students who will compete for rent.

However, Bijiafang·Xihui has just started to get busy and there are not many rental properties at the moment. However, the market previously expected that properties could typically enjoy a 3% yield.

Unpacking a T2 apartment with sea view

This time, the reporter inspected a one-bedroom apartment located in the Bijia Place Xihui high-rise, with an area of ​​266 square feet. The biggest concern for urban buildings is that too many buildings nearby will affect the lighting of the units. However, the developer previously mentioned that it had specially studied the layout of the buildings to provide better lighting and ventilation of the units.

The journalist was in the living room at noon. What he saw at the scene was that the lighting was quite sufficient and the view of the unit was dominated by views from the ground. However, as it is located on a high floor, this is not the case. I feel too cramped. In addition, there was a surprise: the sea view was visible from a distance, and I even saw the Wan Chai Convention and Exhibition.

The deck’s sleek design is visually stunning, but some spaces are cramped and can only accommodate one person.

In the past, many new one-bedroom units were converted to en-suite bathrooms to make the living room more convenient. However, the bathroom entrance of the unit inspected this time is located next to the main door. does not affect practicality and eliminates the need for guests to enter the main room to use the awkward toilet.

The kitchen adopts an L-shaped open worktop, and household appliances can be placed in the middle. However, the food preparation space is tight. The developer installed a storage table under the refrigerator to increase usable space.

The bedroom adopts a sliding door design to save space. The bedroom space is not large, but since there is no window sill, it can be used as a high platform bed for storage. The room is also equipped with a ceiling to ceiling. cabinet, which has a large storage capacity, but the top of the cabinet It is quite high and most people have to put it on a pillow before they can store it. In fact, it is definitely not cheap to order a full height wardrobe. If the unit is equipped with such equipment, it will save commuters on a budget a fortune.

The sound of fortune telling when hitting the floor tiles turns out to be a gift.

Hollow bricks are an important part of building inspection. When Sir Chung was testing the floors throughout his apartment house, he discovered that every tile made a knocking sound. However, Sir Chung said these were not hollow bricks, but were actually related to the new materials used this time by the developer. “Because the floor tiles this time use a layer of sound-absorbing material at the bottom, there will be noise.” a special noise when knocked over. In fact, there is no need to worry.

The biggest effect of using soundproofing materials on floor tiles is that when the upper floors move, such as jumping, dropping objects, pulling tables and stools, etc., they will not have a lot of impact on the lower floors. it is a gift that improves neighborly relations.

Cleaning Wooden Wardrobe “Several Brands”

The wardrobe attached to the bedroom was inspected by Mr. Chung. The main issues were scratches on the cabinet panel and missing screws in the door hinges. Sir Chung thought it was just a trivial problem. However, because the cabinet uses a concave and convex design of wooden strips, he believes that cleaning will be a big problem in the future. “Of course I understand that the developer doesn’t want to use a big flat design every time. This time I want to think about it, but it will be harder to clean up. The interior of the wooden strips. The pit should be cleaned with a sharp object and a towel, and the wooden strips should be cleaned one by one to remove them. “Since the material is wood strips, it is not suitable for humidity, so recommends using special furniture cleaners when cleaning.

Color difference in painting

Sir Chung said the overall quality of paint in the unit was quite good. However, there was a color difference in the bedroom paint. Sir Chung said it was possible it had been repaired before, but he stressed that. after a while, the color would return to uniformity. Additionally, there are also cracks in the wall. It is believed that this is a natural phenomenon of contraction and expansion and can be repaired by dust removal.

Incoming and outgoing water passes smoothly

The bathroom sink and kitchen zinc plate were inspected for water leaks, and no leaks were found. The overall quality of the bathroom is good, but the cabinet door with the water tank finish is too close to the edge. so that the master can repair it in the future, but there is always a gap. It can still be used for maintenance purposes.

Unit reaches 95 points

Sir Zhong concluded that the point deductions for the unit are all minor defects, such as slight scratches on some cabinet doors, major types of work such as glass, painting, water supply, hollow bricks, etc., which are usually a concern for homeowners. all went smoothly. The unit gave a high score of 95 points.

Sir Chung described the quality of the units as very good and that units with a nine-character prefix reflect their quality. The developer responded that they had received the repair list for the units and the issue was immediately followed up on. repairs would be completed in the short term.

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