Urgent decision.. The first move by “Gharbia Health” after the fall of an elevator

11:24 PM

Saturday 28 May 2022

Gharbia – Marwa Shaheen:

A source within the Health Directorate in Gharbia Governorate confirmed, today, Saturday, that an urgent committee was formed from the Free Treatment Department to examine safety and security measures inside a private hospital in the Al-Ajizi area in Tanta, after an elevator fell and 5 people were injured.

The source added, in exclusive statements to Masrawy website, that the committee will examine the hospital and submit a report on the state of safety and security, and if any violations or negligence are proven, all legal measures will be taken against them.

Major General Hani Owais, Director of Gharbia Security, had received a notification from the police of the emergency that a private hospital elevator had fallen in the El-Ajezy area in Tanta, and 5 people had been injured.

He pushed the ambulance facility with two cars, and the elevator suddenly fell, with 5 people inside, causing minor injuries. They were transferred to Tanta University Hospital.

A report was issued detailing the incident, and the Public Prosecution office was notified, which ordered that all necessary legal measures be taken and investigations started.

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