Urgent Need: Helping Animal Volunteers Find Temporary Homes for Rescued Dogs at 520 Langlang Gas Station

2023-10-25 10:34:29

[Animal News]Animal volunteers work hard to rescue animals, but it is very difficult to arrange temporary homes for these poor fur babies. “520 Langlang Gas Station” moved to its new location in September after a lot of hard work. Unexpectedly, in just over a month, neighbors complained about the dog’s barking and smell, and even called the police and the Fisheries and Conservation Department, falsely accusing the dog. The farm is a breeding ground. Bella, a volunteer at 520 Langlang Gas Station, said that the owners had the opportunity to ask them to move out due to complaints, so they had to urgently find new places for the 156 dogs in the venue. She bluntly said that this was unfair to the volunteers and the dogs who rescued animals. “Why must we kill them all and leave these wanderers with no other options?”

Bella said that the owner had mentioned that if someone complained, they would be given three months to find a place to move. However, there were 156 dogs on the premises. The previous move had been very troublesome and a huge battle. Fortunately, there were many enthusiastic people who helped. “Why are there so many dogs?” Volunteers and dog farms have to face these problems? We rescue these dogs, why is it so difficult to find a place to accommodate them?” The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department also received a report today to find out whether 520 Langlang Gas Station is a breeding ground.

She bluntly said that volunteers rescued animals in the hope that they would have a place to live in peace and quiet in their old age. However, as soon as they found a place to live, they were complained by neighbors who wanted to force the animals away. She did not understand why those people were so selfish and inconsiderate to the animals.

She said frankly that barking dogs cannot be controlled, and volunteers have tried their best to control and improve it. Volunteers are already very busy every day. They have to take care of many old and sick dogs, feed community animals, and arrange adoption days to find dogs. However, some people not only failed to support the volunteers, but also complained to prevent the volunteers from placing the dogs. They could not even accommodate these poor dogs, which was very unfair to the dogs.

In order for the dogs to live in peace of mind while waiting to find homes, if there is a suitable place for placement, please contact520 Langlang Gas Station

156 dogs at 520 Langlang Gas Station moved to their new home more than a month ago. Unexpectedly, they were abandoned by their neighbors.

The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department received the complaint and visited the scene today to investigate.

A three-legged dog that was seriously injured after being hit by a bus frowned.

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