US Bill Could Ban TikTok Soon

2024-04-22 07:39:00

The United States took a new step with a bill that could ban TikTok from existing in North American territory. The new text was voted and approved after being included in the foreign aid package aimed at helping allied countries at war and implementing more sanctions against other adversaries, such as Russia.

The project received 360 votes in favor and 58 against during its vote that took place this past Saturday (04/20). This updated text now requires ByteDance, a company based in China and owner of TikTok, to sell the rights to the social network to a North American company in a 12 month period. Previously, this period was 6 months.

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TikTok Notes

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Through X (formerly Twitter), TikTok posted a brief statement about its dissatisfaction with the possibility of having the application banned in the country and took the opportunity to highlight how it moves, annually, around US$24 billion for the United States economy.

The author of the bill is Texas Republican “Michael McCaul”. According to McCaul, he will protect Americans, especially children, from the “malign influence of Chinese propaganda.”

Politicians critical of the Chinese app believe that ByteDance can collect and deliver private data from American users and that the app can censor videos that criticize the Chinese government.

ByteDance denies the accusations and explains that it has never delivered or will deliver its users’ data to the Chinese government as it is a completely independent platform with its own leadership team, such as: a CEO located in Singapore, a COO in the US and a chief global trust and safety in Ireland.

If approved in Congress, the project must go to President Joe Biden, who must sanction it. Biden has expressed his support before and even stated that he would approve it when it arrived. Not a very good moment for a company that has already planned launch a rival to Instagram.

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