US President Joe Biden Approves Cluster Bomb Aid for Ukraine Due to Ammunition Shortage

2023-07-08 00:41:05

US President Joe Biden said Friday during an interview on CNN that the decision to send cluster bombs as part of the new military aid package for Ukraine It was “difficult” but necessary given that “Ukrainians are running out of ammunition.”

The president emphasized that it is not a permanent decision, but that it will be in force while the country ensures a sufficient supply. 155mm artillerywidely used by NATO systems.

Along the same lines, Defense Undersecretary Colin Kahl assured in a press conference that the shipment of cluster munitions it will be a “bridge” while the US and its European allies expand the production of 155-millimeter projectiles.

“This war is about ammunition, and they are running out of that ammunition, and we have little left“Said the president in a preview of the interview, which will be broadcast in its entirety on Saturday.

The president insisted that it was a decision agreed with his allies, despite reservations from Germany and criticism from Human Rights Watch (HRW).

Cluster bombs have been banned by more than a hundred countries due to the risk of causing harm to civilians, since a significant number of the sub-projectiles they release do not explodeso they can be buried in the ground and triggered long after a conflict is over.

In their announcement this Friday, the US authorities insisted that they will only send Ukraine those artifacts with a failure rate of less than 2.35%.

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