USA: At least five dead and 16 injured in shooting during Independence parade

In one of the recordings, a large number of shots from a firearm are heard.

Courtesy | They urged citizens to avoid the area where the events occurred.

A shooting has been recorded this Monday morning during a parade for US Independence Day, in Highland Park, in the state of Illinois, local media report. Additionally, a number of videos of the incident are circulating on social media.

According to police sources, at least five people have died and 15 have been injured. Some witnesses claim that up to five people were lying on the ground covered in blood, while another was under a blanket.

In one of the recordings, a large number of shots from a firearm are heard, people scream in terror and try to flee the scene while, in the background, the sirens of police vehicles sound.

Another ‘clip’ shows how the patrol cars and several fire trucks are mobilized due to the emergency. A Spanish-speaking woman states in the video that if it was a serious incident they would have already been ordered to leave the area.

According to the Intel Point Alert Twitter account, the shooter — who has not yet been arrested — is believed to have fired into the crowd from the roof of a nearby building. In addition, it details that the attacker is wearing a yellow military-style backpack.

«It was a quiet, peaceful and beautiful morning, people enjoyed the parade. In a matter of seconds, to have that tranquility suddenly shattered, it’s scary,” said Adrienne Drell, a former Chicago Sun-Times reporter who was in attendance. “You can’t go anywhere, you can’t find peace. I think we’re falling apart,” she added.

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