USA: teacher lets students (5) starve – he eats his excrement | news

Bad case of school failure in the US state of Texas!

There, a primary school teacher, together with two assistants, will soon have to answer in court. The raven trio are accused of abusing a five-year-old boy.

Five-year-old had to eat his poop

As American media reports, the scandal had already happened in April last year. At that time, the educator Melody LaPointe (47) and the school assistants Tarah Tinney (33) and Augusta Costlow (27) locked the child in a chamber.

How long the minor was isolated is not fully clear. One thing is clear: the women have to answer for quadruple child endangerment. Bad: According to the indictment, the five-year-old had to starve so much that he ate his excrement and drank his urine.

The matter blew up, the two assistants were fired. Horror teacher LaPointe incredibly found a new job in a neighboring school district. Most recently, she taught at the Bonnie P. Hopper Primary School in the greater Houston area. In mid-November, she – along with Tinney and Costlow – were arrested.

Horror teacher is on paid vacation

The parents of the children received an e-mail from the administration in which those responsible tried to limit the damage. The reason for LaPointe’s arrest was “in no way related” to her current job. No further comments are being made as this is a pending case. The horror teacher is on paid vacation.

Amanda Henry, whose six-year-old daughter attends Hopper Primary, told ABC 13, “I’m afraid to send my daughter to school.” She couldn’t understand why Melody LaPointe was allowed to teach again. “It happened over a year ago. What kind of review was there in time? Obviously not a particularly comprehensive one,” says the pissed-off mother.

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