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  • The value of the shopping experience is growing more and more with the increase in channels to maintain communication and form a relationship with customers.

  • Currently, 86 percent of shoppers are willing to pay more for a good experience.

  • A user denounced the bad experience and customer service of Kavak; now, he no longer wants the product and asks that the unicorn return his money.

It is well known that a bad shopping experience can lead to the loss of customers, such was the case of a Twitter user who Through the social network, he denounced having had “the worst shopping experience” of his life when buying a pre-owned car with Kavak.

In a new normality marked by Covid-19, the Customer Experience (CX) is one of the most important strategic disciplines to value in brands. Today, great shopping experiences are built on a relationship between brands and consumers, that is, the important thing is no longer to sell more products, but to build a relationship.

According to Human Connections Media, 90 percent of consumers believe that brands fail to deliver a good customer experience; however, 82 percent of brands feel they are delivering an optimal experience.

In Mexico, consumers do not give second chances to brands, they are demanding and tend to buy products in different places.

A good shopping experience, the magic words for consumers to be happy with a brand or company and is decisive for customer loyalty. According to the Retail Pain Index, a bad shopping experience is the end of the relationship between a brand and the consumer: 75 percent of the people surveyed for the study acknowledge that they would stop buying because of a bad experience.

User denounces bad shopping experience with Kavak on social networks: “keep the car and give me back my money”

Through a thread, a user on Twitter recounted his shopping experience when purchasing a pre-owned car in Kavak with the aim of serving other consumers as a reference so that they do not live the same.

“3 months ago I made the decision to buy a used car. After seeing several options, I decided to buy it in cash at Kavak, a serious mistake! why?” said the user.

At the time of deciding to make one of the most important purchases in the lives of Mexicans, the user said that he went to the headquarters of Plaza Antenas and to make the purchase quickly he decided to pay the total amount for his car in cash; however, the first red flag was presented, the delivery tracking advisor had a contact only via WhatsApp.

With great confusion about the delivery process, the user received a call in which the company confirmed that his car was ready to go home and could be picked up at the headquarters. In this regard, the user said that customer service was terrible because there was no respect for his time.

“Que? Nobody told me that my car was ready and that day I had to go pick it up! ”, She pointed out.

After picking up his car, it seems that the panorama was complicated for the consumer, since when wanting to carry out the license plate registration process, the Ministry of Finance of Mexico City notified him that he had to pay the holding, since Kavak had not done so before releasing the car.

“I had to pay for some plates that I never saw,” he said.

Not being able to carry out the pending procedures, Kavak promised to fulfill “what was not finished from the beginning.”

The paperwork was very little, and once when he had to drive his car a few days later it overheated and he still hadn’t even been out of Kavak for three months. The fact was known to the company, they applied the “3-month warranty” on damage and so far, the client has not had any solution.

Poor customer service and poor purchase tracking make up a bad customer experience; now, the user no longer wants the product, but instead demands that the company return his money.

“Today, I have neither money nor a car and nobody tells me anything,” concluded the consumer.

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