Users report problems in the link to know the place of vaccination


Although from noon the link to know the vaccination place worked – within what is possible – normal, hours later users on social networks reported problems on the page.

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In the link the person can access, enter their data, and verify with the system that they are not a robot to check their vaccination place, as part of the plan of the new government headed by Guillermo Lasso.

The page was carried out as part of the 9/100 Vaccination Plan, which will begin this Monday, May 31 through a computer system developed with the National Electoral Council (CNE).

Some managed to obtain results and were told that the inoculation corresponds to them in the same precinct of the recent elections. In other cases, another room was assigned. Although the assignment date is listed as pending.

How to consult?

  • Login to
  • Fill in the requested information in the panel that will be displayed: your identification number and the date of birth in the format day, month and year.
  • Then confirm in the reCAPTCHA that you are not a robot. You must press the white square until the green popcorn appears.
  • Click on consult and it will appear: your full names, and the vaccination center, which in this case would be the same as the polling station. In other cases another has been assigned. In the “first dose” section, many people will be indicated “pending assignment”.

Complaints on Twitter

According to the authorities, the system is in the testing stage this weekend and will be fully enabled this Monday, the same day the plan starts.

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However, some users on Twitter expressed their complaints related to the intermittency faults presented by the page.

Some cannot even enter and others do not throw the information.

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