USMA wins the Algiers derby

Although this season is not of great sporting importance, the derby between the Mouloudia Club of Algiers and USM Algiers is, as always, a great moment in Algerian football. This time, it is the USMA which emerges victorious.

For the first time since the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic, the Stade du 5 Juillet welcomed a large number of fans who came to watch the duel of the rival brothers between MCA and USMA.

Under great tension, the two formations offered a good show to the followers of the meeting. If Mouloudia could have opened the scoring without major saves from the USMA goalkeeper, it was finally Billel Benhammouda who, in the 56th minute, found himself receiving a ball cleared by… the goalkeeper of MCA, also in good shape.

Victory for USM Algiers on the smallest of scores (1-0), therefore, and three points which allow the usmists to move up to 7th place. The MCA, for its part, misses an important opportunity to get on the podium.


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