Vanessa Demouy “always in contact” with Ingrid Chauvin

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“She’s a very nice person”: Vanessa Demouy “always in contact” with Ingrid Chauvin

Before playing Rose Latour in Here it all begins, Vanessa Demouy played this character in Tomorrow belongs to us. She shared the screen there with Ingrid Chauvin, with whom she has kept a strong bond, as she indicates in the columns of We Two.

Vanessa Demouy is a flagship figure of TF1. In 2018, viewers discovered her in tomorrow belongs to us with the endearing character of Rose Latour, a bipolar woman haunted by her past. In 2020, the 48-year-old actress left the sun of Sète to take her character to a completely different setting, that of the kitchens of the Auguste Armand Institute in the series Ihere it all begins. But Vanessa Demouy did not cut ties with her former colleagues from tomorrow belongs to us and has in particular kept in touch with Ingrid Chauvin (character of Chloé Delcourt): “It is a very beautiful person. […] Our schedules don’t allow us to see each other much, but we call and write to each other very regularly“, she said in an interview with Nous Deux, on newsstands on January 25.

It must be said that the companion of Philippe Warrin was the friendly crush by Vanessa Demouy on the set of Tomorrow belongs to ust : “I had a lot of fun working with her. She is very generous, listening.” And to add: “She’s a woman I adore, who counted enormously in my return to the screen.” Indeed, Ingrid Chauvin played a decisive role in the career of Solal and Sharlie’s mom. While this should only remain six weeks on the air, Ingrid Chauvin has worked to ensure that her role becomes recurring. Successful bet !

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Ingrid Chauvin, close to her fictitious family

The benevolent side almost maternal by Ingrid Chauvin was hailed by other of her classmates from tomorrow belongs to us. The 48-year-old actress made a touching statement to his fictitious son Clément Rémiens, alias Maxime Delcourt, who recently decided to leave the sets of TF1: “It’s just a goodbye on the sets. We will meet again in life”, she confided in an interview granted to Tele-Leisure January 21.

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