Vapes do as much DNA damage as regular cigarettes

E-cigarettes were once touted as a healthy alternative to cigarettes. Yet the long-term health consequences of vaping are largely unknown. Research compares the DNA effects of exclusive vaping, exclusive smoking and not using them for the first time.

« For the first time, we showed that the more smokers used e-cigarettes, and the longer they used them, the more oral cells suffered DNA damage. », said Ahmad Besaratinia, research professor of population sciences and public health at the Keck School of Medicine (California) and lead author of a new study. Posted in Nicotine & Tobacco Researchresearch shows that among people who vape exclusively, the frequency of consumption and use of certain devices and flavorings are associated with the highest levels of DNA damage.

The researchers recruited 72 “healthy” adults and divided them into three groups: current vapers (never smoked a cigarette), current cigarette smokers (never vaped), and people with no history of smoking or cigarette smoking. vaping. Data such as frequency and duration of smoking and vaping were collected, along with a sample of epithelial cells from each participant’s mouth. The researchers then tested for damage to genes known to indicate genome aggression.

Flavored vapes are very popular among young people

Result: DNA damage is as high in smokers as in vapers, respectively 2.6 times and 2.2 times more than in non-smokers. Vapers who used pods had the highest levels of DNA damage. When it comes to flavors, sweet flavored vapers were linked to the highest levels of damage, followed by mint, menthol, and fruit flavored vapes.

These products happen to be some of the most popular among teenagers. A Annual Report from Food and Drug Administration estimates that flavored vapes are consumed by approximately 85% of teenage smokers.

The research team now plans to replicate these results in a larger group of participants, and to study other biological effects resulting from the lesions of DNA.

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