Venezuela accumulates 4 deaths and thousands affected by rains in November

In Maracaibo, more than 5,000 families are affected. The rainfall has exacerbated the power failures that occur almost daily in Zulia.

EFE / Agencies

06:01 PM / 17/11/2020

The heavy rains that have occurred in Venezuela so far in November have left 4 dead (3 in Táchira and one electrocuted in Zulia) and thousands of families affected, without expecting an improvement in the weather, since for this Tuesday 17-N they are expected more rainfall in much of the country.

Practically every day in November, some region of the Caribbean country has reported damages due to the rains, among which the loss of belongings, flooded homes, electrical failures, flooded public roads, overflowing of rivers and streams and several dozen injuries stand out.

Disaster response teams have been deployed in the most destroyed areas, especially in Lara, Zulia and Táchira states.

Zulia, overwhelmed

From Monday night until the early hours of this Tuesday, rains fell on Maracaibo, capital of Zulia, which, according to the official balance, disrupted 25 communities inhabited by tens of thousands of people.

The mayor of that city, Willy Casanova, explained to journalists that in some homes the water reached up to one meter in height, while dozens of parking lots were flooded.

In the afternoon, he said there were at least 5,000 families affected.

The rains have exacerbated the electrical failures that occur almost daily in this entity.

South of the Lake, due to the flooding of the Chama River, more than 2,000 inhabitants and 6,500 hectares of bananas and fruit trees were reported on Saturday 14-N.

Three dead in Táchira

The second week of November, the rains were more intense in seven municipalities of Táchira, in which troughs were registered that caused the death of 3 people and left 456 houses “totally destroyed”, reported the governor of that region, Laidy Gómez.

The opposition has explained that the emergency situation has left “extensive damage”, with losses that exceed 20 million dollars.

Two of the deceased were mother and daughter, who were swept away by the rising of the Carapo River.

The region has received several tons of humanitarian aid to attend to the victims, among which are 1,240 families.

Bad weather

The Interior Minister, Carmen Meléndez, indicated this Tuesday through Twitter that the risk management system is “activated throughout the national territory due to the rainy season.”

The alert remains, as the National Institute of Meteorology (Inameh) has forecast for the next few hours “abundant cloudiness with rainfall of variable intensity”, as well as “electrical activity and occasional gusts of wind in much of the country.”

Bad weather will affect Táchira, Lara and Zulia again and, the Inameh warns, the rains “can increase the water level of rivers and streams causing them to overflow.”

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