Venezuela participates in the UNICEF International Seminar

Venezuela, through the Ministry of Popular Power for Education, participated in the Virtual International Sports Seminar, promoted by the United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef).

According to a press release, the meeting seeks to promote alliances and develop strategies that consolidate skills for children and young people that positively influence physical and mental health.

For this, sports activities are proposed as a social intervention strategy that promotes the Millennium Development Goals.

“It is very important that we can all share experiences to learn and maintain the sports agenda that we started a few years ago for development in Venezuela and that is giving such good results. Our intention is to support the Ministry of Education so that this component reaches as many people as possible and that it contributes to generating ideal conditions for student well-being and the economic and social development of Venezuela,” said the head of the Education section in Venezuela, Andres Sanchez.

The Vice Minister of Secondary Education, Nancy Ortuño, also participated in the activity, who highlighted the importance that the Bolivarian Government has given to promoting sport on a national scale.

“For us, as a government, physical activity and sport are of the utmost importance because they meet the objectives that have to do with different elements: an inclusive, equitable quality education, the promotion of a healthy life and the empowerment of children and girls,” he said.


Fuente: AVN

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