Venna Melinda’s answer to Ferry Irawan’s threat


Ferry Irawan through attorneys threaten Venna Melinda. If Venna doesn’t want peace, Ferry will reveal a long-kept secret.

Jeffry Simatupang, as Ferry Irawan’s lawyer, said the secret was a case in Bogor.

Hearing this threat, Venna Melinda through Hotman Paris was not afraid. Hotman Paris through a video emphasized that Venna Melinda will provide additional BAPs at the East Java Regional Police regarding the domestic violence case.

Venna Melinda will provide evidence of domestic violence and the life history of Ferry Irawan.

“Venna will provide additional information and evidence about domestic violence, as well as evidence about the living history that she knows about her husband,” said Hotman Paris in the video seen, Wednesday (25/1/2023).

“You will be surprised. Later you will be surprised, in the additional BAP Venna will open the witnesses of the life history,” he stressed.

Venna Melinda instead, he invited Ferry Irawan to uncover the secret in question. Because according to him, there was absolutely no problem that occurred.

“Please open it. Venna said, ‘I challenge you to open the case. What case? Open the case, don’t just talk, open it!” Hotman Paris said.

On the other hand, Jeffry Simatupang said Ferry Irawan was in a depressed state. He hopes to meet and talk with Venna Melinda.

“Pak Ferry’s condition is in good condition. Psychologically he is still in deep sadness. He is thinking about some pressure. Once again, Pak Ferry’s hope is how to meet Mrs. V and sit down together to express each other’s wishes,” said Jeffry Simatupang in a virtual interview.

Lawyers team Ferry Irawan is trying to find a middle ground for his client’s problem with Venna Melinda. He even denied the existence of a threat from the statement previously made.

“In addition to the peace process, we must not forget the efforts in this legal process so that these two things can go hand in hand. If only peace could be pursued, that could be our focus. If not, we have prepared a strategy for how we will defend Pak Ferry,” he said. .

“Never have we made any threats, or anything so that there will be peace,” said Jeffry Simatupang.

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