Very high risk! MPs agree with US general Predict that the United States will launch a war with China in the next 2 years.

A Republican member of Congress said on Sunday the risk of a U.S.-China conflict over Taiwan was “extremely high” after one of the top generals. United States Shocking with Internal Documentation warned that America would fight China in the next two years

In a memo dated Feb. 1 but released on Friday (Jan. 27), Air Force Commander General Mike Minihan Writing to the commanders of all divisions of the 110,000-strong force, he said: “A hunch tells me that We will have a battle in 2025.”

“I hope what I think is wrong. My instincts tell me we will fight in 2025,” General Minihan said in the memo, urging all U.S. Air Command units to be fully prepared. with the main goal to prevent and suppress and subdue China if necessary.

Recently, Mike McCall, the new chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the US House of Representatives In an interview with Fox News on Sunday (Jan. 29), “I hope he’s wrong. But I think he was right.”

View of General Minihan Not representing the Pentagon But it shows concern among the top commanders of the US military. about the possibility of China trying to exert control over Taiwan which Beijing claims is one of their stubborn provinces.

General Minihan wrote that the entire United States And Taiwan is holding a presidential election in 2024, which would likely open up opportunities for China to use military action.

McCall added that if China fails to take control of Taiwan without bloodshed, “According to my assessment Then they will look at military aggression. We need to be prepared for this.”

He accused President Joe Biden’s Democratic administration of projecting weakness. after withdrawing in chaos from Afghanistan This could make war with China more likely.
The White House declined to comment on McCall’s remarks, but senior Democratic Congressman Adam Smith said it was a no-brainer. on the Arms Committee of the House of Representatives Said he disagreed with McCall’s assessment.

Smith told Fox News on Sunday (Jan. 29) that the war with China “It’s not just something that can be avoided. But it’s almost impossible. We are in a very dangerous situation with China. But I think generals need to be very careful when it comes to going to war. It was something that could have been avoided.”

Smith also said that the United States It is necessary to be in a position to deter China from using aggression military action against Taiwan. “But it is full of confidence that we can avoid such conflicts. if we take the right approach.”

Earlier, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said he was deeply suspicious of Enhancement of Chinese military movements near the Taiwan Strait It may be a sign of the invasion of the island by China. may have come close

(Source: Reuters/agency)

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