Very incriminating confessions.. Suhair Ramzy.. This artist ignited my ecstasy.. in a hot scene and stripped me of all my clothes completely.. and I hope he is my 13th husband!!.

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The artist, Suhair Ramzy, is one of the most prominent artists in the Arab world, daring since the beginning of her artistic career in the seventies of the last century.

Egyptian seduction star Suhair Ramzy, in addition to her boldness in her films, her private life and her looks were also characterized by daring.

And Suhair Ramzy revealed her remorse because a famous artist escaped from her hand, after she wished to marry him. Confirming that the artist was igniting ecstasy.

The star, Suhair Ramzy, was born on March 3, 1950 in Port Said, and is one of the artists who set the record for the number of marriages, as she celebrated her wedding and wore the white dress 12 times.

Marrying a non-national

Suhair Ramzy married for the first time to Sudanese artist Ibrahim Khan, who was known to the audience for his important roles in my films: Sunrise and Sunrise, and Circle of Revenge.

A year after her marriage to Ibrahim Khan, Suhair Ramzi divorced, and after him, Saudi Prince Khaled Al Saud kidnapped her heart, and she married him, but this marriage also lasted only one year and she obtained a divorce.

And the Egyptian movie star married, for the third time, a few months after her divorce from her second husband, from Kuwaiti businessman Muhammad Al-Mulla, and after him she celebrated her marriage again to Syrian businessman Zakaria Bakkar,

Their marriage did not last long, which is the same fate that happened to her marriage to Yemeni businessman Ali Mansour Al-Awdi.

Her husbands are citizens

As for her husbands from her countrymen, she married Suhair Ramzy, the analyst Helmy Bakr, the great artist Farouk El-Fishawy, the great star Mahmoud Kabil, businessman Sayed Metwally, businessman Alaa El-Sherbiny, and others.

And the great star Suhair Ramzy, according to press reports, justified the reason for her marriage more than once, saying: “I was spending the waiting period in good health, and got married on the same day it ended.

She stated that, on the other hand, she did not grieve, but rather laughed, and said to herself that the matter would be more objective by assigning the role to Soad Hosni, pointing out that Mohamed Fadel’s stability for Soad Hosni to play the starring in his movie “Love in the Dungeon” was before her marriage to him.

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