Alain Mathot is no longer part of the PS

The news fell on Tuesday, when the executive office of the PS of Liège was going to meet to decide on the case of Alain Mathot within the PS… The office was simply to ratify the resignation of the former strongman of Seraing and the Liège PS. Alain Mathot is therefore no longer part of the Socialist Party. Indeed, while the commission was to rule this Monday, March 28 on his case following his conviction on appeal in the corruption case in the context of the award of the contract for the Uvelia incinerator (Intradel), Alain Mathot -even confirmed his withdrawal from the party.

This Tuesday, we were confirmed within the PS Liège that Alain Mathot had “clarified a letter he had sent on September 7, 2020″… letter sent to the previous president of the PS Liège. In the latter, he stipulated that he “suspended his affiliation to the party until he was cleared”…

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