Victorious in Dessel, Liège is still alive in the final round

Three days after the defeat at Dender, Liège proved that they were in bad spirits by showing great resources on the lawn of Dessel. This success only allows him to stay one point behind Dender, winner at the same time of Knokke thanks to three achievements in the last quarter of an hour.

If, in accounting terms, this victory does not change much, it allows the people of Liège to be reassured about their ability to take the three points apart from Rocourt. However, the three hundred supporters present in the Campine believed that their players were going to play a trick on them that they have seen too often this season. Liège had obtained some great opportunities in the first period, including a badly played counter by Perbet and Mouchamps (38th), but was particularly clumsy in the last gesture. And as usual, the Sang et Marine conceded a stupid goal, following a defensive scramble.

Unlike previous weeks, they immediately fought back, particularly supported by an audience that never stopped believing in victory. A strength of character combined with an opposing goalkeeper not particularly inspired by the strikes of Michaël Lallemand and Mohamed Mouhli.

Liège seemed physically stronger and above all much more determined. It was quite logical that he passed thanks to a deflection as unacademic as it was effective from Nathan Rodes and a fine strike from Maxime Cavelier between the legs of the Campin goalkeeper.
The people of Liège are still alive, even if the verdict in the Dender affair, which will be delivered on Monday, may well redistribute the cards. In the meantime, they prefer to concentrate on the field and the next two matches, played at home, which promise to be decisive.

Dessel Sport : Geladé, Verbeek, Kolen (70e Cinti), Haagen, Boujouh (87e Coeckelbergs), Versmissen, Cerigioni, Peeters (76e Maesen), Ghislain, Cheprassov (87e Colman), Geukens.
RFC Liege : Debate, Nyssen, Lambot, Bustin, D’Ostilio, Mouchamps (43rd Reuten), Rodes, Mouhli (74th Cavelier), Bruggeman (87th Van Den Ackerveken), Lallemand (87th Prudhomme), Perbet (74th Ronvaux).
Arbitrator : M. DeKeyzer.
Warning : Cerigioni.
The goals : 52nd Ghislain (1-0), 56th Lallemand (1-1), 58th Haagen (2-1), 59th Mouhli (2-2), 62nd Rodes (2-3), 82nd Cavelier (2-4).

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