“ Victory over Germany & Spain with a masterpiece of tactics ” The Italian commentators praised Japan’s battle for passing the 1st place in the “ Group of Death ” … analysis of missing elements | Qatar World Cup 2022 | DAZN News Japan

[European/overseas football news]The commentators of “DAZN Italy” have given their views on the Japanese national team, who defeated Germany and Spain in Group E of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 and passed the lead.

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On the 1st local time, the Japan national team led by Coach Moriyasu Hajime played against Spain in the final match of Group E of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. Following the first match against Germany, they performed a big reversal again and won the match against Spain 2-1, and miraculously decided to pass the 1st place in the “group of death”.

Although they lost to Costa Rica in the second round, the commentators of “Dazon Italia” also praised the big Venus that they took from the two teams that have won the World Cup. In the Qatar World Cup special program “Night Cup”, Stefano Borghi, who initially expected Spain to win, praised Japan for its historic achievement.

“Japan, the winners of Group E, beat Germany and Spain, both in the same way, with Morillas’ ‘masterpiece of tactics’. If you look back at Japan’s games so far, the players are strong, fast, determined, and very organized.

Next, Borghi analyzed the match against Costa Rica, where Japan dominated the match but lost 0-1. He pointed out the missing elements in Japan.

“Japan are a real team, but conceded just one shot on target in the final game against Costa Rica. That scene showed the imperfections of this team. A true top team needs to bring home the win. I didn’t have enough patience and composure.

Who is Japan’s MVP?

Finally, the commentators of “Dazon Italia” discussed Japan’s MVP. Bolgi named Tanaka, who “showed an extraordinary performance,” and Doan, who “started on the bench and scored with his left foot like a lightning bolt,” as candidates, and Luca Farina recommended Doan. “His two goals ultimately changed the course of the group,” he said. However, when Nicolas Seki recommended Manager Moriyasu instead of the players, Borghi also agreed and elected the Japan national team coach as MVP by majority vote.

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