VIDEO. Amadou and Mariam meet Taïro for an Afro beat: discover the exclusive clip of the song “Make them move”

The reggae singer Taïro invites Amadou and Mariam on his new album for a sunny and bewitching song. The clip is available exclusively on franceinfo Culture.

make them move“, the new song by Taïro, emblematic voice of French reggae, wants to honor Afrobeat and Senegalese musician Fela Kuti on the occasion of his new album 360 (in two parts). In the company of Amadou and Mariam, world renowned Malian artists, he sings and dances with spontaneity their desire to make people happy. “This is what music is for“, can we hear in the chorus.

On the surface, the music video, directed by Yamoy, is straightforward. Taïro sings in Paris. His words parade in color on the walls of buildings or on large billboards. In a somewhat naive but catchy way, the silhouette of Amadou and Mariam is omnipresent, on the walls of the metro or on urban art stencils, dancing to the rhythm of intoxicating and colorful music.

The video looks like it’s straight out of the 2010s. The words are graffiti written in large print. The aesthetic is outdated, but no less worked. Amadou and Mariam’s face, multiplied, appears on a purple background. The atmosphere is light, the Oberkampf station of the Paris metro even more beautiful when the two Malian musicians occupy the billboards.

It is also the whole approach of the clip to replace billboards with positive messages. No more pubs in the subway or in the street, here come the artists all smiles. ITaïro’s idea is to show that if “the ad always says that we are missing something“, here, it’s quite the opposite, you have to tap into yourself with the help of music.

A unifying song

I started to write the title without being sure that it would be with Amadou and Mariam that I would share the song, explains Tairo. But once the idea came, I finished writing the words and melodies while thinking of them“. The artist, whose name means “apprentice”, then mixes his reggae sounds with the world music universe of the two interpreters of the Sunday in Bamako. Amadou improvises guitar arrangements. Mariam writes and sings in Bambara.

Musician-therapists, they invite us to banish sadness, tirelessly repeating that music can heal.

“In my music and its speech, I want there to be love. In my music and its image, I want there to be your faces. In my music and its speech, I want to give you love. love. In my music and its story, I want to give you hope”.

Taïro – Make them move (feat. Amadou and Mariam)

If the first part of the album 360 is already available, you will have to wait until March 3 for the second. On tour, Taïro and the Family Band will also perform at the Olympia on March 25th.

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