Video shows Argentine fans who climbed 68 meters to the top of the Obelisk to celebrate | qatar-2022

eight hours after Argentina crowned world champion, well into Sunday night, thousands of trans-Andean fans continued to celebrate gathered at the Obelisk in Buenos Aires.

The albiceleste – led by Lionel Messi – beat France on penalties and thus won their third world title, giving way to wild celebrations in all parts of Argentina.

In this context, at 10:51 p.m. a drone from Channel 5 News from Argentina captured some fans who without permission climbed to the top of the historic monument and put their lives at risk.

According to the video shared by the television station, there were at least three fans who climbed to the highest part of the Obelisk located in the Plaza de la República.

Shocked by the images, the commentators in the studio warned that the fans had to have violated the access door to be able to climb the 68-meter-high structure inside.

“This is very dangerous, it doesn’t make sense” and “I trust you are tied up, it scares me a lot” were some of the phrases used by the drivers to describe the action.

Check the video:

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