Video- Ziad Bourji ignites the atmosphere at the Jerash Festival

Salute the Lebanese artistZiad Towersparty withinJarash festival​The Culture and Arts in its thirty-sixth session ignited the atmosphere.

During the ceremony, Ziad presented a bouquet of his distinctive and beautiful songs, which the audience danced to and recited her words by heart.
Ziad Burji had posted on his social media account a video clip documenting clips of the ceremony and commented on it, thanking the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the organizers of the event, saying: “Thank you to the sisterly Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Thank you to the management of Jerash Festival and all those responsible for this prestigious international event, and thank you from the heart. To all those who came to see me and were present and gave me all this positive energy and love…my fans bury me.”

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