Violent Assault during Ghent Festivities: Suspects Apprehended and Investigated – Latest Updates

2023-08-17 08:31:00

The facts, during which the man was transported to the hospital in mortal danger, occurred on July 21. Shortly after midnight, an altercation between two couples occurred in the Onderstaat in Ghent, during which the 36-year-old Antwerper fell violently. The victim, in mortal danger, was transported to the hospital and only came out of the coma after several weeks.

The two suspects fled towards the Belfortstraat. The police published a notice of search on Monday to find a man and a woman aged around 20. The couple were asked to report to law enforcement and reported to local police in Ghent on Tuesday evening. The man and woman were deprived of their liberty and questioned about the circumstances for an entire day on Wednesday.

After questioning, the two suspects were allowed to dispose. They were therefore released but must remain at the disposal of the court, which is continuing the investigation into the facts. No details are given about the statement of the two suspects and their identities, but the couple admitted their involvement in the incident. The man and the woman will have to answer for their actions before the criminal court later.

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