Virgoun Divorce News: Singer Apologizes and Plans Legal Action with Lawyers from Sandy & Sukrisno Law Firm

2023-04-29 02:02:51


Virgoun finally appeared to apologize and admit to being wrong after the news of his affair was revealed by his wife, Inara Rusli. Virgoun has also appointed a lawyer to carry out the legal process.

Virgoun appoint attorneys from Sandy Arifin and Wijayano Hadi Sukrisno from Sandy & Sukrisno Law Firm. Sandy Arifin as attorney explained the next steps to be taken by Virgoun. Virgoun plans to file for divorce.

“Virgoun appointed us as attorneys. In the near future, Virgoun will file for divorce. We at Sandy & Sukrisno Law Firm are currently collecting and completing all the files and studying them. Once complete, we will file a lawsuit (divorce),” said Sandy Arifin to detikcom , Saturday (29/4/2023).

Virgoun’s current condition is quite good. Making a video to apologize and admit mistakes because of a mistake is said to be purely from Virgoun’s own wishes.

“The apology came straight from Virgoun’s heart. The choice to file a lawsuit is the best choice according to him,” he said.

“We, as our lawyers, will complete the lawsuit in a good and amicable way,” continued Sandy Arifin.

The Virgoun legal team also hopes that there will be communication between the two parties. The communication aims to talk about children.

“We hope that there will be communication between the two parties to discuss family conditions, especially child development. Virgoun will be responsible for child development,” he said.

“We hope that with Virgoun having apologized and admitting his mistake, there will be no more parties or persons who make the situation worse,” said Sandy Arifin.

Virgoun appeared via his YouTube account providing clarification and apology. Virgoun emphasized that what he did was not good to imitate.

“I admit I was wrong, I made a mistake, and I in no way justify everything that I did,” said Virgoun quoted by detikcom.

Related to this, Virgoun also apologized to all parties who were harmed and often received criticism from netizens.

“And I apologize especially to the names and parties who were dragged along and became accused in this issue,” said Virgoun.

Virgoun apologize to the family, management, and Last Child. The singer of Love Letters For Starla specifically apologized to her children.

“Finally, I apologize profusely to all of these people, to my family friends, to the management of friends at Last Child and most importantly to my children,” said Virgoun.

Watch Video “Sobs-Virgoun’s Apology for Cheating


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