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The health of Vladimit Putin, Russian president, is in the news again. This after a former NBC executive, Mike Sington, shared images of the Kremlin chief during a ceremony last Sunday during which he presented the Russian Federation State Prize to filmmaker Nikita Mikhailov. That video – which went viral on networks – reopened the debate about his health status.

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“Putin’s legs shake, he looks unsteady on his feet, fueling further speculation about his healthSignton said in a post on the social network Twitter.

Footage less than 20 seconds long effectively shows how the Kremlin leader sways while making his speech.

At times, it seems so unstable that it could fall. After the video circulated, various Russian television channels insisted that she was just stretching her legs.

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However, a second source corroborated what the American journalist had discovered.

Via the Telegram channel known as General SVR, run by alleged former KGB officer Viktor Mikhailovich, It was specified that the doctors of the head of state asked him not to participate in events that last more than an hour and a half. Months ago, the United States had made the same revelation.

Watch the video:

Rumors about the state of health of the Russian president date back to April when, during a meeting with his Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, he seemed to be holding on firmly to a table so as not to lose his balance. A similar scene played out during the Orthodox Easter Mass and Victory Day.

As the months passed, suspicions grew. It was not until June that US intelligence sources maintained that Putin was experiencing advanced cancer. Other media went even further and ventured to say that she also suffers from Parkinson’s and even dementia.

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In recent hours, and in light of new evidence on the deterioration of the president, CNBC shared a report he made to the director of the Transatlantic Security Program of the Center for a New American Security, Andrea Kendall-Taylor, an interview in which the executive spoke about the future of the Russian leader.

“I would say there is very little sign that he is at risk of losing power any time soon.”Kendall-Taylor said. However, he considered that the war in Ukraine caused a drastic decline in his popularity. “Clearly there is a segment of society that opposes him,” she added.


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