Volleyball Girl in Pool Hall Hit Twice: Accident Causing Outrage

2023-11-30 04:18:42

The volleyball girl in pool management was hit hard twice. (Photo / Reprinted from Breaking News 1 Commune)

Many people like to play pool, and there are also “volleyball girls” in the pool hall who help arrange the balls. Unexpectedly, in the monitor picture posted by a netizen, a volleyball girl in a pool hall was violently raped twice by a customer, making her kneel down and wailing. The result was an accident, causing many netizens to call her super weak. It’s simply “unlucky ghost”.

The original PO posted a message on the Facebook group “Explosive Waste 1 Commune”, saying that “you will have half your life after queuing for a ball” and attached a video. I saw in the video that in a billiard hall, many guests were playing pool. At this time, a volleyball girl in white was mid-court when she was hit by a man from behind. The ball flew out and hit her waist, causing her to kneel down and help her instantly. Can’t afford it.

The matter was not over yet. The guest who had just lined up the ball used his cue to hit the ball hard. The white cue ball hit the back of the volleyball girl’s head directly. At this time, she received a double blow. She was holding her waist and covered her head instead. The man on the side also moved forward with concern.

As soon as the video came out, netizens left comments like, “It’s bad enough”, “It’s miserable enough to have to make up for a hit”, “I didn’t expect to get a concussion while lining up a ball”, “She provoked whoever”, “It’s so bad that it exploded” , “It’s the legendary ghost from hell!”, “It’s unprofessional to hinder the trajectory of the cue ball.”

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