Kart Racing: Drift Season 5: Moonlight Race Update with BLACKPINK Collaboration

2023-11-30 09:25:08
NEXON’s global cross-platform racing game “Kart Racing: Drift” announced on the 30th that it will launch new content and the “BLACKPINK” co-branded Season 5: Moonlight Race update. “Kart Racing: Drift” Season 5: Moonlight Race has started. The following content provides information to the manufacturer. Original text: In this joint collaboration with the Korean girl group “BLACKPINK”, players will be able to transform into Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, Lisa and other members in the There are gorgeous cars on the field, and you can drive the “Pink Venom supercar” that shows BLACKPINK’s unique style. At the same time, game content that fully demonstrates the characteristics of BLACKPINK such as each member’s “Shut Down costume” gift pack, actions, emoticon sets, and signature car stickers were also launched. In order to commemorate this joint collaboration, as long as you log in to the game during the event, you can get 4 types of balloon props for each member of “BLACKPINK”, hurry up and collect them! “BLACKPINK” gift pack “BLACKPINK” gift pack “Pink Venom” supercar “Season 5: Moonlight Race” with the “Moonlight” theme as the background, the well-known “Tuta”, “Orange Peel Mayor”, “Thorin Rai” Many new characters such as “Burt, Flame Raibert” will also appear soon. Also on the scene are “Run at Moonlight Station” and “Moonlight Loop”, which present the scene of a city where the moon never sets, as well as 8 new tracks such as “Factory Fool Trap” and “Cemetery Skeleton Altar” for players to enjoy a brand new race. Fast fun. As of December 13, players who complete the four “Moonlight” themed tracks through the matching game will receive the “Quarterback Brody” character. In addition, the original regular mode “Infinite Accelerator Battle” will return to the “Model Research Institute”, there will also be a “Cross-Border Battle” that combines elements of prop competition and racing competition, and “Cross-Border Battle” will be opened every two weeks (four Different modes such as “Player Team”, “Flag Capture Race (Four Player Team)”, “Infinite Accelerator Battle (Individual)”, etc. allow players to have a variety of gaming experiences. In this update, the official also revised the overall UI of the game and implemented matching system optimization. The sorting function in the garage has been introduced to improve the convenience of game UIs such as lobbies and stores. At the same time, pairing options such as two-player mode have been canceled in racing matches and prop matches to shorten the waiting time for matching. “Kart Racing: Drift” is expected to launch its first update in the spring of 2024 as a starting point for large-scale reforms to provide players with a more interesting gaming experience. New director Seo Jaewoo said: “We will re-examine all the projects we have tried before and make comprehensive improvements.” He also said: “Including the differentiation of the capabilities of each vehicle, we will fundamentally overhaul the way players have enjoyed the game for a long time. Local reforms to create satisfying changes.” For more detailed information regarding “Kart Racing: Drift” Season 5: Moonlight Race, please refer to the official website.News related links: “Kart Racing: Drift” official website
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