volodymyr zelensky will fight until victory

Ukrainian President Vladimir Selensky has not given up hope as the Russian occupation of Ukraine continues for a tenth day. Selensky responded that he would fight until he won. Weekends are not in Ukraine. “It doesn’t matter what’s on the calendar or the clock,” Selensky added. The Ukrainian president’s response was in a new address to the country.

The fear of war is expected to subside soon. Those who have fled Ukraine will soon have the opportunity to return. Selenski also thanked Poland for welcoming the refugees.

Meanwhile, the evacuation process in Mariupol was halted after a temporary ceasefire was announced. Ukraine says evacuation halted as Russia continues shelling The deputy mayor said Russia was still carrying out heavy shelling in Mariupol.

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The Indian Embassy has instructed students not to travel on their own from the Ukrainian city of Sumi. The embassy advised students to take safety precautions and avoid accidents.

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