VOLT EV, booking over 1,000 vehicles, keep an eye on Chinese EVs, bustling, flock to the Thai market

EV Primus Company Limited car dealer DFSK or DONGFENG, BEINGS and VOLT stated that after the launch New brand Volt (VOLT) is ready to launch an electric vehicle VOLT CITY EV on August 4th. with a target of sales of 1,000 units this year, ready to open for online booking From 2:59 p.m. on that day, it was found that within 24 hours, the number of reservations had exceeded 1,000 cars.

Pittaya Thanadumrongsak The Managing Director of EV Primus Co., Ltd. said that the company will deliver the Volt City EV as quickly as possible, starting from the end of September for sure.

For the Volt launch 2 models are: VOLT FOR-TWO 3-door, 2-seater car, starting price 3.25 hundred thousand baht and VOLT FOR-FOUR 5 door, 4 seats, starting price 3.85 hundred thousand baht, which is a price that includes government promotion measures. 8nv. Reduce excise tax from 8% to 2% and support 70 thousand baht per car.

The company also cooperates with Krungsri Auto Open the financial conditions 0-5% down payment and installments up to 84 months or starting at 3,600 baht per month.

And there are also special offers, paying an additional 30,000 baht will receive a special package worth more than 100,000 baht by paying an additional 30,000 baht.

VOLT FOR-TWO uses a lithium-ion phosphate battery, 11.8 kWh, electric motor 40 horsepower, maximum torque 90 Nm, use per charge, up to 160 km.

VOLT FOR-FOUR equipped with a lithium-ion phosphate battery, 16.5 kWh, electric motor 46 hp, maximum torque 102 Nm, usage per charge, up to 200 km.

Charging Supports alternating current (AC) charging for about 6 hours.

Pittaya said Volt’s marketing is to be City EV For customers who want a car for use in the city which the ability to use at 160-200 km per 1 charge makes it convenient to use or customers who buy a car as the second car of the house for general use that saves costs But when you have to travel far I use another car instead.

Volt is a ready-made import from China Factory (CBU) without import duty. from the ASEAN-China Free Trade Agreement

However, the company plans to produce domestic production (CKD) around Sept. 2023, now it has bought more land inGateway Industrial Estate Chachoengsao and completed the building Then will gradually install the next machine. Initially, the investment is about 400 million baht to support the production in 3-4 years.

Initially, the production target is set at 4,000 cars per year, and is currently in the process of applying for investment promotion from the Office of the Board of Investment or BOI.

However, the production of cars in the country is one of the conditions of the government For vehicles participating in the urgent measures to stimulate the use of EVs both excise tax reduction and direct support The state stipulates that compensation must be produced equal to the amount of imported If production starts by 2024 and must produce 1.5 times the amount of imports if produced in 2025

 VOLT EV, booking over 1,000 vehicles, keep an eye on Chinese EVs, bustling, flock to the Thai market

for the current EV market not very large But there has been remarkable growth, especially over the past few years. The cars that dominate the market are cars from China. from being able to import without tax from the ASEAN-China Free Trade Area Cooperation Agreement

The current market leader is MG There are 2 car models for sale: MG ZS EV and MG EP Plus Followed by Ora of Great Wall Motors with Ora Good Cat and Ora Good Cat GT for sale. There are also small retailers that do marketing such as Poco imported byBRG Group

And on August 8, another big brand from China will be launched, namely BYD which currently has a car in the market already But the commercial market is a VIP taxi, but a new move in a joint venture with the Phraprapha family will penetrate the personal market

Then followed by Neta. Cars from China with plans to hire Arun Plus, a company in the PTT Group. as a car manufacturer Other camps Coming soon are Cherry and Chang’an.

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