Wanda Spontaneously strangled Mama Rosa until Riza Auto Did This, The Original Nature of Her Mother Ammar Known, Love Bond

BUSINESS POTENTIAL – Drama Love Bond 28 April 2022is predicted to tell about the meeting Wanda and Mom Pink which ended in chaos.

Again, Ammar Mahendra was quite confused by his mother’s request, Wandawho wants to meet with Mom Pink and Reyna.

Wanda really want to meet Mom Pink. He wants to ask about the news and conditions Mom Pink also Reyna.

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Ammar feel awkward contacting Andin. He feels that it is a private matter and he shouldn’t be in touch Andin to ask Mom Pink and Reyna meet his mother Wanda.

However, Wanda kept pushing his son. He asked Ammar contact immediately Andin.

Ammar looked disorganized and walked back and forth. Ammar even reasoned that it was a personal matter and he actually had no right to contact Andin.

Wanda did not heed his son’s reason. He even threatens if Ammar not contact Andin maka Wanda will call myself Andin.

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