WandaVision: Doctor Strange finally present at the end of the series?

It’s well known, MCU fans have lynx eyes! You just have to see the number inconsistencies and errors that they were able to spot in the final battle ofAvengers Endgame. Their new target? WandaVision. Or rather, the freshly edited version of the post-credits scene from the show’s ultimate episode. In this sequence, we find the Scarlet Witch, alone in a rustic cabin in the middle of the mountains. According to these keen-eyed spectators Wanda is about to be joined by a flagship member of the MCU, I named Doctor Strange. In fact, it seems that her figure is now visible, as the series of tweets below attempt to show.

Can’t you see anything? Don’t make an appointment with your ophthalmologist, nor does it feel like there is much to see, and judging by the reviews, these images have left other fans just as puzzled. However, is the Sorcerer Supreme really absent from these photos? We tend to think so, since the idea of ​​making it appear at the end of WandaVision was discontinued quite early in production. Benedict Cumberbatch was indeed not available, and the studios also preferred to focus on the Scarlet Witch. Fortunately, Stephen Strange will be back in the MCU soon thanks to Doctor Strange 2, film about which we already know a lot.

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