Wang Jinping may run for mayor of Kaohsiung?Zhao Shaokang blurted out a sentence, and the Internet was shocked and the whole rioted-Politics-Zhongshi News Network

The KMT Kaohsiung mayor candidate has not yet been decided, which has aroused political attention. Bai Qiaoyin, a spokesperson for the Kuomintang and a candidate for Kaohsiung City Council, recently accepted an interview with Zhao Shaokang, chairman of Zhongguang, saying that he had heard that if Zhao went to Kaohsiung, the Green Camp would be very afraid, and asked on the spot, “Have you considered electing Kaohsiung mayor?” Zhao Ze It was unexpectedly revealed that there was a manpower to stand up for the former president of the court, Wang Jinping, to be elected, but I didn’t know whether Wang would like it or not. The news of Wang’s possible candidacy for Kaohsiung mayor has sparked heated discussions, stunned a large number of netizens.

On May 31, Bai Qiaoyin appeared on the TVBS political program “Shaokang War Situation Room” series program “Shaokang Online” and talked about the county mayor election at the end of the year. Bai said that he had heard a list of the “golden lineup” of the mayors of the six capitals of the Kuomintang circulating in the rivers and lakes. , so that the DPP is very afraid, thinking that it will make the green camp election very difficult.

Bai Qiaoyin pointed out that it was Zhao Shaokang who was named the mayor of Kaohsiung in the list. Bai couldn’t help but ask Zhao again at the scene: “Have you considered running for the mayor of Kaohsiung?” Zhao responded: “There are still many people who want to be elected, and the priority should be given to others.” Wang Jinping came out to vote, but he didn’t know if he would like it or not.

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The news that Wang Jinping can be elected as mayor of Kaohsiung quickly aroused heated discussions. Netizens poured into “Zhongshi News Network” and related Facebook links to leave messages: “My God Wang Jinping! Don’t scare people to death, okay!” Surprise”, “It’s the most frightening thing today”, “Why are the candidates getting more and more exaggerated?” “Isn’t the Kuomintang too comfortable to live for too long?” “Even if Kaohsiung is difficult to win, we must push reasonable candidates to fight hard. Only then can we gain the respect of voters”, “Please, Chuanbo, come and save the people of the blue camp.”

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