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Wanping Theater’s resident version of Yue Opera “The Liang Zhu” starts its first round of 10 performances tonightFly into the homes of ordinary people

“Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai” starts tonight, Xinmin Evening News reporter Wang Kai

The Shanghai Yue Opera Theatre’s 2022 first-round Yue Opera resident “Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai” will start tonight and will perform 10 performances at the Wanping Theatre. In order to welcome the new resident performance, the classic scene of “Butterfly Transformation” in “The Liang Zhu” can be seen everywhere in Wanping. , to feel the classical love of “holding the hand of the son and growing old together with the son”.

The whole school gathers together to interpret the classics

Following last year’s resident Yue Opera “Dream of Red Mansions”, Shangyue once again opened its resident performance in Wanping. This round of resident performances will be divided into two genre versions: Yuan Fan version and Fan Fu version. Shanghai Yue Theater has specially created a strong performance lineup for this purpose. . On September 14, the show was the famous version, with Zhang Ruihong and Fang Yafen as Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai. On August 16, the famous Yue Opera masters Zhang Ruihong and Chen Ying once again partnered to perform Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai after four years. At the same time, many new middle- and new-generation Yue Opera actors co-starred together to present a good show and perform classics again.

For decades, generations of Yue opera people have embarked on the road of Yue opera under the influence of Liang Zhu’s story. Yue Opera “The Liang Zhu” has also nurtured and accumulated unique artistic value under the inheritance of Yue Opera actors from generation to generation. In 1945, Yuan Xuefen cooperated with Fan Ruijuan to perform the preliminarily arranged “The History of New Liang Zhu’s Mourning”. In 1955, when the Shanghai Yue Theater rehearsed the play, the script was dictated by Yuan Xuefen and Fan Ruijuan, written by Xu Jin and others, directed by Huang Sha, Fan Ruijuan as Liang Shanbo, Fu Quanxiang as Zhu Yingtai, Zhang Guifeng as Zhu Gongyuan, Lv Ruiying as Yinxin, Wei Xiaoyun as Sijiu , Jin Yanfang as his wife.

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Themed panels in Wanping Theater

The “Liang Zhu” movie was also a top-notch movie. In 1953, “The Liang Zhu” was made into the first domestically produced color opera art film by the Shanghai Film Studio. Since August 25, 1954, Shanghai has had more than 1,000 screenings in the first round of 22 cinemas including Da Guangming and Da Shanghai, with an audience of nearly 1.55 million (not including the number and number of screenings in the second and third cinemas). The film was also released to 14 countries and regions including Canada and Hong Kong, China, and was shown in Hong Kong, China for 187 days alone, with an audience of more than 650,000, breaking the highest record for local film screenings.

performance scene

Tonight’s first Fan Fu version performance is played by Si Yulin and Deng Huawei as Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai. The two actors were taught by Fan Ruijuan and Fu Quanxiang’s words and deeds. Si Yulin sighed with emotion: “I am lucky that Teacher Fan taught me at the drama school. I, she told me all her life’s experience in stage practice, the heart of the characters and the meaning in the lines have gradually become fuller through more than 20 years of stage practice, and now the teacher’s words still often echo in my ears.”

Immersive viewing of beautiful scenes

Although it is very close to the performance, the news of the ticketing of the resident version of “The Liang Zhu” still caused fans to rush to buy it. The scene setting continued the beauty of “Dream of Red Mansions”, and the pink and purple colors attracted many fans to take photos with “Butterfly”. Shi Tanghui, a Yue Opera fan, said frankly that “The Liang Zhu” has been watched countless versions, and it is still worth reading again and again. Her backpack still has a photo keychain of herself playing Liang Shanbo.

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Gorgeous butterfly set

In addition to traditional Yue Opera fans, many young audiences and families with children came to the scene. A little girl pointed at the butterfly hanging in the air and said excitedly, “I know the story of Hua Butterfly!” The audience, Gillette, brought her daughter who had just learned Yue Opera. Come to watch the performance: “When the child learned to sing “Delivering the Letter” and often hummed, we sent her to learn Yue Opera systematically. Excellent culture needs children to inherit. We are very supportive of classic good opera performances. After watching this one We can still see other lineups, and we will come back for the Master Edition in September.”

Pearls and jades of “The Liang Zhu” of different art schools and forms are in front. What new highlights are there in this live-in edition? Liang Hongjun, director of Shanghai Yue Opera Theatre, replied that the resident performance not only provided a better platform for the intergenerational inheritance of actors, but also provided the possibility for the audience to fully understand Yue Opera in a short period of time. The differences in singing styles of different genres can be shown in the same work. “In November and December of this year, our Yue Opera “Dream of Red Mansions” will return to the stage. Next year, we will focus on the characteristics of the genre and bring the representative works of the genre to the audience.” Liang Hongjun said.

It is worth mentioning that the resident performance of the Yue Opera “Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai” has added 2 public performances to reward the hard work and silent dedication of medical workers. The Yue Opera “Liang Zhu”, which has been sung for more than 90 years, will benefit the vast number of medical workers, volunteers and other groups who have contributed selflessly to the epidemic, allowing them to enjoy the classics of Yue Opera at a low price.(Xinmin Evening News reporter Zhao Yue)

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