A young man in his twenties marries an old woman.. On the night of the wedding, the shocking disaster that Satan had not imagined and shocked everyone.! !

He did not imagine, the young Egyptian Wael, that one day he would marry an elderly woman, whose age exceeds the age of his mother.

Suddenly, Wael found himself living in harsh conditions and situations, including the death of his mother, which led him, without planning or thinking, to admire an elderly woman about 55 years old.

After the Egyptian young man’s admiration for his elderly citizenship, that admiration developed into a mutual love between the two parties, and then into marriage.

In the details: Wael is a young man in his early twenties who works as a representative for a restaurant in Egypt, and he strives hard and sincerely to be able to provide enough money that would qualify him to live well.

He lived in a small house with his mother on the outskirts of Cairo and loved his mother dearly and wanted her to be happy, and he did not imagine that the day would come when she would leave life and leave him alone.

Days passed and his father, young Wael, fell ill, then she passed away, leaving him alone, sad, distracted, unable to take any decision.

Wael poured all his effort into work, and he worked day and night until he gave in to the sadness inside, Wael used to deliver orders to homes and there was always a request for the same apartment and for the same lady who lives in it daily.

He was delivering food to her at the same time every day, and through his reluctance to deliver her requests, she met Mrs. Wael and they started talking to each other, and Wael felt that she was like his mother.

Days passed and the relationship grew stronger until he took each other’s phone numbers and kept calling each other daily, until the day the 75-year-old Egyptian lady proposed to her young man, Wael, in his twenties, to marry so that they could live together in the same apartment.

Wael hesitated at first, but eventually agreed, and they set the wedding date, and the lady agreed with him to stay in her apartment with a small number of her family present.

The wedding day came, and when the old bride with her young groom Wael entered the hall designated for the wedding inside the apartment, one of the attendees immediately killed her and ran away, so a number of attendees hurriedly transported her to the hospital, but she died before she reached the hospital.

After the police arrested the offender, in cooperation with a number of the elderly woman’s neighbors, investigations were opened with him and he admitted that he was hired.

To kill her by her cousin so that she does not marry, because he covets her wealth, so her cousin was arrested and put in prison to receive a deterrent punishment, with that hired killer.

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