Want to change operator? These 3 flexible packages adapt to your needs

2023-09-24 08:42:00

[Deal du Jour] Flexible plans are becoming more and more common in the world of operators. Each month they offer you the freedom to choose the quantity of data you want. A new way of designing packages.

First of all, to get an idea of ​​what the different operators offer, including the more traditional ones, consult our comparison of the best mobile plans of 2023.

What are the three best flexible mobile plans at the moment?

If you have set your sights on flexible plans, but don’t know which one to choose, here is our selection of the best virtual operators (MVNOs) who offer plans that adapt to your consumption:

Prixtel: up to 220 GB of data YouPrice: from 5 GB to 180 GB, and the choice of the Lebara network: packages that are renewed every month

1. Prixtel and its package up to 220 GB

Prixtel offers several adjustable packages, including the Le Géant package. The latter is clearly the most advantageous of the three operators’ plans, only if you consume a lot of data on a daily basis. This plan, on the SFR network, starts at 160 GB of cellular data at the price of €14.99 per month, and goes up to 220 GB of 5G data at the price of €20.99 per month. This package is the most generous in terms of data from the operator and its price remains correct compared to its competitors, especially since 5G is free.

Prixtel offers other flexible plans such as the Le Petit plan, ideal for those who rarely use the internet on their smartphone when they are not at home. You have 10 GB of 4G data, at the price of €5.99 per monthand up to 20 GB at the price of €9.99 per month.

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If you use your smartphone daily, but without spending your day on it, the Oxygène package is the offer put forward by Prixtel. It starts with 30 GB of data in 4G at the price of €7.99, and goes up to 70 GB at a price of €12.99. A perfect package for normal use of your smartphone.

Prixtel’s flexible packages in pictures // Source: Prixtel

These packages are non-binding and you will have to pay the SIM card amount of €10 when ordering. Prixtel plans are flexible, which means they don’t lock you into a certain amount of data each month. If you consume more than the minimum starting level, you simply move to the next level. Each month, the offer returns to its minimum quantity of data, and of course to its lowest price. Calls, SMS and MMS are unlimited to mobiles and landlines in mainland France and the French Overseas Territories (excluding Mayotte). You have a quantity of data to use in the EU and the French Overseas Territories, depending on the plan chosen.

2. YouPrice lets you choose the network

YouPrice offers different packages, including The First package, the virtual operator’s most popular, reserved for new customers. It starts with 111 GB of data at the price of €9.99 per month, and goes up to 130 GB for €18.99 per month. As much as the last level is not the most advantageous of mobile plans, 111 GB for less than €10 is an excellent price.

The virtual operator of course offers other packages. The Optimal, for large data consumers, starts at 155 GB of data for €16.99 per month, and goes up to 180 GB of data at the price of €24.99 per month. Finally, there is a Mini plan which, as the name suggests, is a very small plan. It starts with 5 GB of data at the price of €4.99up to 10 GB at a price of €10.99.

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These packages are non-binding and a 5G option is available for the L’optimal and Le First packages, at a price of €5 more per month. Note that you will have to pay the amount of the SIM card when ordering, which amounts to €10. One of the particularities of YouPrice is that it lets you choose the network. You can choose between the Orange network or that of SFR. Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS from France, Europe and the French Overseas Territories to France are included. Depending on your plan, between 5 GB and 20 GB of 4G data per month, consumed from your overall envelope, can be used from Europe and the French Overseas Territories.

3. Lebara packages which are renewed every month

Lebara offers several monthly packages reserved for new customers, from 20 GB of data to 200 GB of data in 4G+, from €5.99 per month, and up to €18.99 per month. These plans are non-binding and the SIM card is free. Customers who already have a plan with Lebara can choose a plan that goes up to 250 GB of data, at the price of €25.99 per month.

Existing customers have access to a wide choice of packages, to suit all situations // Source: Lebara

Lebara is a virtual operator which uses the infrastructure of the Orange network, an excellent network. Its flexible plans have the particularity of being renewed every 30 days, or once a month, so that you can change your offer at the start of each month if you wish. The advantage is to have a plan with a different quantity of data, if you need it. You are on vacation and don’t plan to use your smartphone much, a small package will be enough. On the contrary, you are on the move and your smartphone will become your best companion? You might as well opt for a plan with a lot of data. You will therefore have the possibility to jump from one plan to another, depending on the amount of data you will need in the month.

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Unlimited calls and SMS from mainland France, Europe and the French Overseas Territories, as well as unlimited calls to 43 international destinations are included.

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