War in Ukraine: what consequences for European football?

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Contents of Radio foot this Thursday at 4:10 p.m. UT: Russian military attack in Ukraine! What impact on European football? A guest: Kévin Veyssière, founder of the “FC GEOPOLITICS” site is with us to give us some answers.

Champions League: return to the posters for Wednesday evening (February 23, 2022). Manchester United snatch the draw in Madrid against the run of play (1-1). Has Atlético complicated the task for the return? Benfica and Ajax respond blow for blow (2-2). The Ivorian Sébastien Haller becomes the best African scorer in C1 over a season! The return promises, place your bets! The first phase of the eighth is over. The English clubs off to a good start, the Spaniards on the ballot, the French divided, and the little ones who are resisting… or not? What lessons can be learned 15 days into the return phase?

To discuss it with Annie Gasnier, our consultants of the day: Frank Simon, Chérif Ghemmour and Dominique Sévérac — David Fintzel / Pierre Guérin — Technique/Direction: Laurent Salerno

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