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Through a thread on Twitter, the former commander of the United States Army Mark Hertling made an extensive analysis of the first nine months of the and took the opportunity to slip a devastating prognosis regarding the future of the warfare.

In his opinion, a new stage in the armed struggle began at the end of November, a period he called “Phase IV” and, in December, the Russian army will bet to the “frozen conflict”, which implies the removal and/or destruction of vital resources for Ukraine in the middle of winter.

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Along these lines, he insisted that the morale of the Ukrainian people will be tested by the Kremlin as you go ahead with destroying cities and making anyone who gets in your way suffer. As if that were not enough, he warned that he can make the West vulnerable to new tricks orchestrated by Putin.

Ukrainian servicemen ride a tank on a highway in eastern Ukraine on November 24, 2022, amid the Russian invasion. (Anatolii Stepanov / AFP).

hertling noted that the war is not close to ending and that “although Russia is seriously wounded, it is not completely defeated. What’s more, she is getting tougher”.

“They should not be allowed to reorganize. It is the only way Ukraine will be able to win the fight, get back its territory and sovereignty,” she wrote.

However, he also noted: “From experience, the withdrawal of an enemy offers many opportunities. Add to all this the associated low morale of the retreating force. It is never a stimulus to the will of a force to order a retrograde or withdrawal operation. This action will only further lower the morale of the Russian force and escalate the fighting in Ukraine.”

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