warn! 5 signs of ‘bone and joint pain’ to look out for

Orthopedist warns!!! 5 signs of “bone and joint pain” to be aware of because it may be related to a group of serious diseases

March 29, 2022 – The reporter reported that Dr. Soonthorn Srisuwan orthopedic surgeon Hat Yai Center Hospital, Hat Yai District, Songkhla Province, mentioned the characteristics of bone and joint pain that must be careful. This may be related to a group of serious diseases (eg cancer, tumor disease, bone infection), which in this section does not want patients to be careless, thinking that it is general bone pain. because if not This will cause the patient to receive care for specific diseases delayed.

The 5 symptoms that you would like to keep an eye on and not be careless about the illness are as follows:

1.Pain occurs during the night. (Night Pain) Usually, general orthopedic diseases Often there are symptoms when that joint is used. which during the night is the time when people rest and do not use the joints Therefore, there should be no pain. Or if we fall asleep but the pain is so intense that we wake up at night.

If you have pain at night as mentioned above. We must pay great attention to this symptom. because it may be associated with such serious diseases

2.Pain in bones and joints with have anorexia Weight loss or a low-grade fever (Pain with low grade fever), especially in the early evening or at night If there are such symptoms It may be initially assumed to be a group of cancer or tuberculosis infection in the bone.

3.Bone and joint pain that has been present for a while But the pain is more frequent or more severe (Progressive Pain) and in cases where the patient has been treated with painkillers. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs have been around for a while. but still have pain more frequent and severe

4.Pain in the spine or cervical spine accompanied by pain, numbness, or weakness in the arms or legs which indicates spinal cord compression which in some cases may need treated with urgent surgery

5.chronic bone pain and have family history Have a previous serious illness, such as cancer, melanoma, or tuberculosis

both 5 Pain Signs As such, the patient must be constantly observing the symptoms that occur. And if found to fall within these 5 items, you should see a doctor specializing in orthopedic and joints. to perform a detailed diagnosis in the next order

Don’t be nervous because of some symptoms if left too long Treatment also takes a longer time. And the results of treatment may not be good as well.

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